Halal Catering in Malaysia

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March 31, 2020
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Halal Catering in Malaysia

There are many Halal catering companies that operate in Malaysia. These companies have been established to serve halal food which is considered lawful by Islam. You can be assured that the food that you receive will be halal. It will also be cooked with love and care to suit the taste of the customers.

What is Halal? What are the rules in Malaysia about this food? Do the Malays and Chinese eat it? The answer to all these questions is no. Halal means permitted to be eaten by Muslims and these two religions have a strict set of beliefs.

There are three types of Halal food

Halal is cooked by using hot water with the right amount of oil and you can say the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. What exactly is a Halal meal? That is a meal that has the right amount of meat and it does not contain any pork, shellfish, or any animal or vegetable products. It has to be served with those ingredients. There are three types of Halal food;Vegetarian, Kosher, and Non-Kosher.

Standardization of cooking is one of the guidelines when it comes to Halal catering. There are different kinds of dishes that can be used for Halal catering. Most of the cooking is done with oil or grape seed oil and it is mixed before cooking.

There are three kinds of meat that are considered Halal in Islam. These are beef, sheep, and camels. They should not be eaten raw or cooked at all.

There are different instances on how to do this

When cooking the meat, it should be placed in the correct use. There are different instances on how to do this. It is done that the meat is chopped and a small piece is placed in the palm of the hand and the other piece placed on the top to prevent it from getting burned.

When mixing the ingredients, the temperature of the water used should be proper. It should be just right so that the mixture will cook properly. To achieve this, the temperature should be correct as long as there is no discrepancy between the two.

For Halal catering, the correct dress code is suitable for the religion of Islam. They should wear what they are wearing in the mosque and Muslim dress code is based on loose clothing that is accompanied by a head covering. The clothing should cover their whole body from head to toe.

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